Astarte (アスタルテ Asutarute) was a homunculus servant of Rudolf Eustach until Kojou and Yukina defeated him. Since then she has been sentenced to 3 years probation and is currently entrusted to Natsuki, who made her her maid.

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Astarte has blue eyes and blue hair. Because she is a homunculus, her face is expressionless most of the time. She is shown wearing a white cloth in the Armored of the Saint arc. Beginning the Emissary of Warlord arc, she starts wearing a maid outfit.

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Because Astarte is a homunculus, she expresses little to no emotion. She is not talkative and always says "Accept" in a dull, robotic tone whenever she answers. In the anime, after she was under the supervision of Natsuki, she gradually displayed more emotions with her interactions with the other characters. In Volume 8 of the light novel, she is showing indication of independent thought and emotion.


Being a homunculus, she has no parents or relatives. Presumably, she spent her days before the story timeline in Rudolf's secret lab, undergoing various experimentations to implant a familiar into a homunculus, a feat which has been thought impossible. She's the first successful familiar-implanted homunculus ever existed.


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Name Description Image
Rhododactylos (ロドダクテュロス) Unlike other homunculus, Astarte has a familiar named "Rhododactylos". At its first appearance, it appears at the back of Astarte as two arms. The arms of Rhododactylos can absorb magic from other familiars to increase its power and provide Astarte supernatural strength. At the second fight of Rudolf and Himeragi, it is shown as a white humanoid-like familiar having Astarte inside a green orb in its chest. It is also capable of using divine vibrations to negate magic and it also gives Astarte supernatural durability. Rhododactylos A


  • Astarte's name is a direct reference to one of the fallen angels in John Milton's Paradise Lost. It is also the Greek name of the Mesopotamian Goddess Ishtar.
  • Rhododactylos may be a reference to the annual carnivorous plant Utricularia rhododactylos.
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