Beatrice Basler (ベアトリス・バスラー Beatorisu Basura) is an employee of Magus Craft. She works in the Research Department, and serves as Kensei Kanase's secretary.

Appearance Edit

Beatrice has light purple eyes and blonde hair. She normally wears a magenta jumpsuit with her hair loose. When she disguised as the assistant of Kensei, she wore glasses, a maroon blazer and skirt with her hair clipped.

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She's a vicious, callous and, eventually, coward woman, fond of her fighting skills even tough her intelligent weapon does most of the job.

She feels frustrated when Yukina, younger and shorter than her, beats her up in hand-to-hand combat.


In the Island of Exile, she fights Yukina and Beatrice's lack of skills leads her to her pathetic demise.

Blazing AngelEdit


Beast Vassal Summoning:

  • She wields an intelligent weapon familiar known as Jagra. When called, it takes upon the form of a spear and attacks in the way a whip is used by whipping the enemy multiple times.
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