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The Black Death Emperor Front (黒死皇派(こくしこうは) Kokushikōwa) or the Black Death Emperor Faction is a beast people–supremacist terrorist group. Their objectives are the complete rupture of the Holy Ground Treaty and striking down the First Primogenitor, who rules the Warlord's Empire.


The Black Death Emperor Front was founded under the belief that beast people are foremost among demons. They believe the First Primogenitor, who played a major part in the creation of the Holy Ground Treaty and Demon Sanctuaries, as holding demons back from their rightful place, and a betrayer of all demonkind.

The group took their name from their leader, the Black Death Emperor, a beast person who was also an astute necromancer. The group was assumed to have been wiped out years ago, when Dimitrie Vatler killed their leader. Remnants of the group remained, with Kristof Gardos becoming their new leader.


The group has carried out numerous terrorist activities since its inception. At one point, they occupied the National Assembly in Prague, resulting in over four hundred casualties. Golan Hazaroff attacked the Fairy's Coffin excavation team, leading to the death of Liana Caruana and many others at the excavation camp. The Black Death Emperor Front also activated the ancient weapon Nalakuvera at Itogami Island, causing destruction on one of the island's smaller sub-floats.