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The Deva (天部(てんぶ) Tenbu) or 'ancient super-humans' are a race of near godlike human creatures who called the world home long before humanity. Many of the more powerful artifacts in the series are creations of theirs.

Cain was counted amongst their number until he was cast out, banished from the world and sent to another; Nod, the birthplace of humanity. When Cain returned to the world he was banished from he did so at the head of an army of humans who worshiped him as a god.

He granted a number of abilities to the humans he led including the ability of magic and artifacts of Cleansing yet he knew he could not kill the Deva so easily, humanity could not slay gods, the world did not work that way so he decided to change the world,

Using the ultimate magic spell that could change the very foundation of the world, The Cleansing he transformed the Gods into Demons .