Emma Meyer (エマ・メイヤー Ema Meiyā) is the older sister of Octavia. She is a witch from the Library who came together with her younger sister, Octavia, to Itogami Island to assist Yuuma in freeing her mother, Aya, from the Prison Barrier.



She's decipted as cruel, sadistic villain who really likes to torture their victims, just like her younger sister, Octavia.


The Meyer sisters once caused an incident in which a huge forest was destroyed overnight. It is known as the Ashdown Tragedy.


Labyrinth of the Blue WitchEdit

Banquet of the ObserversEdit


sense: as she note to dimitrie's presence.

Grimoire: Number 539

  • wind manipulation: control of wind to form like-thorn tails. [Strike the Blood S1 EP 14]
  • red thorn: great thorn can't be harm by attacks, but effect by La Folia's The Artificial Holy Sword. used as defense or offensive. [Strike the Blood S1 EP 13]
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