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Gajou Akatsuki (暁 牙城(あかつき がじょう) Akatsuki Gajou) is the father of Kojou and Nagisa, and the ex-husband of Mimori. After the Fairy's Coffin incident, he asked Natsuki to look over his children while he finds a "cure" for them.



In volume 7 of the light novel, he's portrayed as a jolly, fun-loving middle-aged man that can easily socialize with people from his surrounding, as shown with his attitude to the Fairy Coffin Historical Sites' head guardian, Caluso and the archaeologist dispatched from Warlord's Dominion, Liana Caruana. He loves challenges and has the tendency to do 'risky' things, such as fighting a magic-fueled giant golem using guns by his own (although they have special bullets tailored to kill magical creatures) and making his children tag along in some of his dangerous expeditions, something that clearly doesn't sit well with Mimori, his ex-wife.



Night Lord of the Blazing LightEdit


Gajou has been noted as the Returnee from the Nerherworld which is because he lost half of his body during his expedition at the fairy coffin temple. But because of this, he gained a few ability like passing through solid object like a ghost, sensing magical power from mystical objects or mystical creatures, and conjuring various guns with anti-magic properties. And due to his preference to conjure guns, he is an expert marksman. As an archeologist specialized in mystical ruins and artifacts, he is very knowledgeable about magic and any organization or group that specialized in handling major magical phenomenon like the Lion King Organization and their technology that utilizes magic.

  • Magical power sense.
  • Unlock locks.
  • magical guns incarnation: or like other weapons.
  • pass though things.
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