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Giada Kukulcan (ジャーダ・ククルカン Jāda Kukurukan) is the third Primogenitor who formerly rules the Chaos Zone in Central America. She doesn't like being referred to as the "Third Primogenitor: The Chaos Bride" and prefers to be addressed as Giada.

She invaded Itogami Island and attacked MAR while disguised as Avrora. After battling Kojou, she partially succeeds at her goal of re-awakening Kojou's lost memories.


Giada has lustrous, emerald green hair and jade-green eyes. She has been described as outwardly youthful with a powerful but lovely beauty reminiscent of a wild leopard.


Kojou described her as a humanlike vampiress, coming off as calculating but playful.


Giada debuts in volume 7, where she uses her ability to transform (shape-shift) to invade Itogami Island disguised as Avrora. The main purpose of her visit is to reawaken Kojou's lost memories of Avrora, however, she also seeks to punish MAR for their treatment of Avrora's corpse; ultimately she's prevented from doing so by Kojou.

She is the weakest of the 4 Primogenitors in the canon anime version she was defeated in war by the United States of America for interfering in their political affairs trying to gain influence. Subsequently, the United States expands their territory in one form or another and in the end resulted in the unification of North America. As a reward for defeating the Dark (Evil) God in volume 10, Giada sends the 6th and 10th Kaleid Blood to Itogami Island where they are currently under the custody of Dimitrie in Oceanus Grave II.

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Enhanced Vampiric Abilities: As a vampire, she possesses supernatural strength, speed, reflexes and durability. In addition, due to being the Third Primogenitor, she has incredible power far above that of most vampires and is virtually immortal.

Familiar Summoning: Giada has 27 familiars, most likely they are intelligent-type weapons.


  • Giada is the only female out of the four primogenitors.
  • Out of the four primogenitor, her naval force are the most superior. referred from vol.10 "Bride of the dark god".
  • She is actively supporting the people of her domain by observing her people and speaking to them about their concerns.[1]