Gigliola Ghirardi (ジリオラ・ギラルティ Jiriora Giraruti) was a prisoner who managed to escape with six others, including Aya, when the Prison Barrier's seal was broken. She, together with the rest of the prisoners, then agreed to help Aya look for and kill Natsuki so that they'll be completely free. She was the second person to find Natsuki in her younger form who was together with Asagi just after Kiliga was defeated. She is a tribe princess who carries the blood of the Giada and was a diva of the Cuartas Theater.


She's a woman with very well-endowed figure, which she flaunts with her highly revealing outfit.


As common with high class criminals, she's shown to have little to no empathy to her victims as she ruthlessly manipulated the Island Guards to attack Astarte and even using Aguijon on defenseless Asagi and Sana.


Gigliola went a little overboard at the demon interment camp in Hispania and ended up in the demon prison barrier.


Banquet of the ObserversEdit

However, she took control of nearby soldiers with her familiar and quickly defeated Astarte who had previously defeated Kiliga Gilika but her victory didn't last for long because Dimitrie Vatler showed up and protected Asagi Aiba and Natsuki Minamiya from her attack by summoning one his familiar; it still wasn't enough because she eventually took control of it too but was defeated after Dimitrie summoned his other snake familiar and ruthlessly attacked her on the verge of her defeat. However, Asagi Aiba yelled trying to stop him but he didn't listen, soon Kojou Akatsuki showed up and tried to stop him from torturing her any further but it was too late because she was about to go back to the prison barrier.


Vampiric Abilities: As a vampire, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and durability.

Familiar Summoning: She can also summon familiars.

Name Description Image
Rosa Zombiemaker It is an intelligent-type weapon that is the form of a whip and it has the ability of mind control over both humans and familiars so it is suggested that she can use it to control other demons as well.
Aguijon It is a swarm of bees. They were summoned and defeated twice in battle before they could demonstrate their abilites but it is assumed that the bees would've stung or poison you to death.


  • Of all the criminals who had escaped the demon prison barrier, she is the only female to escape besides Aya Tokoyogi.
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