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Itogami Island (絃神島(いとがみじま) Itogami jima) is an artificial island floating in the middle of the Pacific, some 330 kilometers south of Tokyo. It was a completely man-made city, built from a linked series of giant floating constructs known as Gigafloats. Its total area was approximately a 180 square kilometers, holding a total population of around 560,000.

Administration and Politics[]

Itogami Island was originally Japanese territory. It was administratively known as Itogami City, and was part of the greater Tokyo metropolis, but in reality it was a special administrative district with an independent political structure.

Japan has since relinquished its territorial rights on the island. Through negotiations with the Japanese government, Itogami Island is now recognized as an independant nation; a Dominion ruled by the Fourth Primogenitor. However, residents are generally free to travel to and from Japan. Judicial and financial affairs were completely left in the hands of the Japanese government, with Japanese police officers and federal Attack Mages maintaining law and order on the island.[1][2]


Itogami Island was constructed over an intersection of ley lines known as Dragon Veins which consists of massive spiritual energy. It has five main districts, North Island, South Island, West Island, East Island and a Center Island connecting the four and provides the foundations for the city. The four surrounding Gigafloats represent the four divine beasts and it's ruler at the center which is linked together in attempt to control the Dragon Veins. North represents the Black Tortoise, south represents the Vermilion Bird, west represents the White Tiger, east represents the Azure Dragon and it's ruler the Yellow Dragon which represents the center.


Island North
Itogami Island's northern Gigafloat. It houses the northern R&D district, with corporate labs lined up one after another.[3]
Island West
Itogami Island's western Gigafloat. Island West was described as a city that never slept. It was stated many restaurants and business establishments were gathered here, with most stores continuing to operate until daybreak. Island West is also a popular destination for demonic residents due to the wealth of services geared toward them, and is a symbol of Itogami City and the peaceful coexistence of humans and demons within.[4]
Island South
Itogami Island's southern Gigafloat, and the main residential district. It was stated that the building height on this Gigafloat was severely restricted.[5] Rich in residential housing and educational facilities, Island South also houses a research and development district covered with corporate and academic facilities.[6] This island notably contained the residence of Kojou Akatsuki, as well as Saikai Academy.
Island East
Itogami Island's eastern Gigafloat. The island contains the warehouse district and an industrial area.[5]
Itogami Island was fundamentally made up of four Gigafloats, but the island also had numerous smaller extension units all around it. They fulfilled various functions, such as floating crude oil depositories, dry docks for repairing ships, or serve as a giant dumpster for the storing of nonflammable waste.[7]

Keystone Gate

Keystone Gate
Keystone Gate was a giant composite structure two kilometers in diameter, located at the center of the island, binding the four Gigafloats that composed Itogami Island. At twelve stories, its aboveground section was the tallest building on the island.
Within the facility were government administration offices, including city hall, and numerous hotels and commercial facilities built one after another, functioning as the island's nucleus.[8]
Keystone Gate has 40 levels beneath the surface, and is heavily defended by a battalion of Island Guards along with dozens and dozens ofmagical defences and barriers.
It was designed to absorb the effects of ocean currents, wind, waves, and so forth, such as bending and vibrations between the Gigafloats. Without it the four districts of Itogami Island would suddenly collide, or perhaps break apart, drifting atop the Pacific Ocean.
It was a critical facility, truly worthy of the name keystone.


Due to being located in the tropics, as well as the influence of warm currents, the island has a warm climate year-round, with temperatures averaging above twenty degrees Celsius even in winter. This gave Itogami Island a reputation as an island of everlasting summer.[4]

Floating in the Pacific Ocean, Itogami Island was also prone to heavy rainfall throughout the year and has been struck by a number of typhoons.[5]


Itogami Island is guarded by the Island Guard who are armed with heavy weaponry and APCs along with helicopters and other advanced weaponry.

They also operate dozens and dozens of magic sensors in order to track the use of high levels of magic on the island.


Itogami Island, surrounded by the Legacy of Cain

The Holy Ground Treaty Organization determined Itogami Island to be a large-scale sorcerous device, and sent an armada to attack it. In an act of defence, the Legacy of the Sinful God was called forth activated by the Guardian of Cain's relic Glenda, forming the artificial isles surrounding Itogami Island. Also dubbed Cain's Ark, the artificial isles that surrounded Itogami Island has remained ever since.

Much of the ancient weapons on the Ark have been destroyed or disabled during the war of the primogenitors, but it continues to be the subject of various research and tourism. Cain's Ark has been recognized as New Itogami Island, and there has been a rush of redevelopment.

The isles are grouped into Clusters. Shizuri and Yuno notably lived in a temporary housing complex in Cluster One of New Itogami Island.[9]

It is implied that 20 years in the future, Itogami Island has been renamed to the Empire of the Dawn.[10]

Blue Elysium[]

Blue Elysium.png

Blue Elysium (ブルーエリジウム Burū erijiumu), or BluEly (ブルエリ Buru Eri) for short, is an artificial island built 18 kilometers from Itogami Island.[11] A private ferry service allows travel between the islands. The whole island serves as a resort, featuring theme parks, shopping malls, pools, aquariums for demonic beasts, and resort hotels.


  • Most of the island's residents are researchers, the families of researchers, and city-approved persons with special powers.