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Kanon Kanase (叶瀬 夏音 Kanase Kanon) is the half-sister of Polifonia Rihavein, the aunt of La Folia Rihavein and the adoptive daughter of Kensei Kanase. She is a middle-school student studying in Saikai Academy and the classmate and close friend of Yukina Himeragi and Nagisa Akatsuki.


Kanon is a beautiful girl who looks similar to La Folia Rihavein, but Kanon has shoulder-length white hair that is braided by a violet ribbon at the end on the left side with bangs hanging over her eyebrows and clear blue eyes.

She wears the normal Saikai Academy uniform and she wears violet underclothes on the inside of her uniform.


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Kanon has a very kind and gentle heart who has a tendency to call Kojou Akatsuki "Onii-san". She also is quite fond of Kojou especially when she realize that Kojou is always doing his best to protect her & his friends.


Kanon the only survivor after Kou Amatsuka attacked Adelard's monastery that she grew up in. Due to her kindness (as seen by her picking up of numerous stray cats), she is called the middle-school saint. After the Angel Faux incident, Natsuki Minamiya became her guardian as well as Astarte's mentor. In addition, she is being watched and pampered by Aldegyr for safeguarding through escorts and surveillance satellites due to the fact that she's the half-sister of Aldegyr's Queen.

She is actually the illegitimate daughter of La Folia Rihavein's grandfather who is without a doubt royalty while she has no right to the throne.


The Amphisbaena[]

Kojou Akatsuki helps Kanon find homes for kittens.


Angel Faux

20131215162320 original.jpg

- The Ability that comes from the insertion of Angel Circuits that will transform one into being Close the God Giving the user Power over Realty and Dimensions.

  • Enhanced (Speed, strong, sense, Durability).
  • Flying: By 2 of wings.

Angel Faux: Form 2

This form appear with 6 eyes in 6 wings:

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  • Energy beam: 6 of yellow laser release from each wings, this attack can Harming even vampire.
  • Immunity: Kanon's immunity from any attacks (magical or physical) as her body in another dimension.
  • Blizzard: Kanon create blizzard her around to freezing entire Area with her.

Angel Faux: Form 3

Kanon kanase angel faux 3.jpg

after her wings is split; she enter " berserker mode " and appear with red energy:

Abilities from this form unknown as she disappear by Yukina Himeragi then defeated by Kojou Akatsuki.


  • The name Kanon means "summer" (夏) (ka) and "sound" (音) (non).
  • Kanon's surname Kanase means "leaf" (叶) (kana) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).


  • Kanon's sizes are: Bust-79, Waist-56, and Hip-80.
  • Kanon has a fondness for cats, as she is seen taken care of many throughout the series.
  • Kanon is referred to "The saint of Middle School", in Saikai Academy for her gently personality and her white hair.
  • Kanon has a fondness for cats and likes to take care and nurture them.