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Ki Juranbarada (キイ・ジュランバラーダ Kī juranbarāda), also known as Lost Warlord, is a vampire and the First Primogenitor. He rules his empire with his overwhelming military might and has great influence upon the other Primogenitors. He is one the major factors that the Holy Ground Treaty was signed, allowing humanity and demon-kind to peacefully coexist.

He is one of last surviving members of the Deva civilization before becoming a Primogenitor.


Ki has short hair and was noted to be fairly tall. He has a slender but muscular build, and gives of an impression of a soldier or athlete. He has been seen wearing a tank top with rough, baggy pants and coarse work boots.



A War of Primogenitors[]

During a conference in the Garden of Whispers, the three Primogenitors, including Ki, announced that Dimitrie Vatler has obtained knowledge of The Cleansing, and orders an attack on Itogami Island.

Kingdom of the Valkyries -The True Story-[]

Ki and Zana Lashka briefly encountered Kojou Akatsuki and Yukina Himeragi at the airport, mentioning that they were headed to Itogami Island. Ki and Zana left quickly, evading Veres Aladar and his subordinates.


Enhanced Vampiric Abilities: As a vampire, he possesses supernatural strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. However, as the First Primogenitor, all of his abilities are far above that of most vampires and is virtually immortal.

Familiar Summoning: Lost Warlord has 72 beast vassals.

Magic Mute: He can cancel the effect of opponent's magic by colliding their magic and once he cancel out this ability the effect of opponent's magic return back to normal


  • His number of beast vassals he can control might be based on Solomon and his seventy-two pillars