Kiliga Gilika (キリガ・ギリカ Kiriga Girika) was a spirit summoner and a prisoner who managed to escape with six others, including Aya Tokoyogi, when the prison barrier's seal was broken.

Appearance Edit

His appearance is that of an old emaciated old man in what appears to be a monks garb along with five piercings in each of his ears.

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History Edit

He was born into guerrillas in the Kabul valley in the Middle East. He used a spell to transplant an Efreet, a fire spirit, in his own body to kill enemies more effectively. Six years before the start of the series, he was arrested on Itogami Island for attempted terrorism and was sent to the prison barrier.

Plot Edit

Fiesta For The Observers Edit

After discovering that the prison barrier system is still active, the escaped prisoners agreed to help Aya search for Natsuki Minamiya and kill her so that they will be released. Kiliga was the first one to find her while in her child form along with Asagi Aiba. However, Asagi quickly outsmarted him and lured him to Astarte, where she proceeded to drain all of his spirit energy, forcing him back to the prison barrier.


Name Description Image
Spirit Summon Kiliga can use the fire spirit's power that is sealed inside of him and use its power of fire manipulation.
Levitation Kiliga was shown to be able to levitate using the fire spirit's power.
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