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The Lion King Organization (Japanese: 獅子王機関(ししおうきかん) Hepburn: Shishiō Kikan) or the Lion King Agency is an special agency established by the National Public Safety Commission. They engage in intelligence gathering and sabotage to impede large-scale magical disasters and sorcerous terrorism.


It is led by three saints: Koyomi Shizuka, Shirona Kuraki and Munechika Hedate. They sent Yukina to observe Kojou, as he is disrupting the power balance between the three current Primogenitors, and eliminate him if he becomes a threat. In reality, the agency sent Yukina to become Kojou's lover, while Motoki Yaze is the true observer of the Fourth Primogenitor.

The Lion King Agency also oversees the High God Forest, gathering orphans with potential from all over the country to become Counter-Demon Attack Mages.

High God Forest[]

High God Forest (高神の杜(たかがみのもり) Takagami no mori) is a sub-division of the Lion King Organization. On the surface, it is a private girls' school for Shinto adherents. In reality, it is a training ground for the Lion King Organization. Many Attack Mages in the Lion King Organization, such as Yukina and Sayaka, were trained here.

Training is rigorous, but they treat their wards as family, not resorting to inhuman methods. Most graduates enter comparatively mundane sorcerous investigative work. Only a tiny handful of elites are exceptions, granted titles such as "Sword Shaman" and "Shamanic War Dancer."

High God Forest is located in the Kansai region of Japan,[1][2] although it is insinuated that there are other facilities located elsewhere.

Attack Mages[]

Sword Shaman (剣巫(けんなぎ) Kennagi)
A maiden learned in the art of swordsmanship who serves the Lion King Agency's training facility, High God Forest. Sword Shamans possess a wide variety of superhuman abilities, including the ability to read the future using spirit sight and a high degree of weapon-wielding skill.
Shamanic War Dancer (舞威姫(まいひめ) Mai hime)
They are specialist in hexes and assassination and are generally assigned to VIP protection, espionage, and other crucial missions. They possess a broad knowledge of medicine, pharmaceuticals, international relations, and even linguistics—elites even by Lion King Agency standards. While not quite as formidable in direct combat as Sword Shamans, they employ a variety of exceptionally potent spells to supplement their abilities.


The agency's roots go back to the Takiguchi Musha, the guards who protected the Inner Palace from evil spirits and apparitions during the Heian period. Thus, it is an organization older than the present government of Japan.

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