Koukarin Sword

Lustrous Scale in sword form

Lustrous Scale (煌華麟(こうかりん) Koukarin) is an all-metal, silver-colored great sword granted to Sayaka Kirasaka by the Lion King Organization. Its true form is a bow known as Heavy Demon-Purging Bow Type Six, Der Freischütz (デア・フライシュッツ). It is a transformable prototype area suppression weapon.

Abilities Edit

Lustrous scale has different abilities depending on its current form.

Koukarin Bow

Lustrous Scale in bow form

Sword: Making use of a curse, it emulates "rips in space" that can theoretically sever anything made of physical matter.

Bow: It fires whistling arrows infused with ritual energy, chanting large-scale curses beyond human voice capacity and functioning as a curse artillery.

Others Edit

Due to its difficult usage, simpler models were manufactured and mass produced. They were essentially the same weapons, but split in two. The sword Rosen Chevalier Plus (ローゼンカヴァリエ・プラス) and bow Freikugel Plus (フライクーゲル・プラス) each have the abilities of its respective counterpart. They are wielded by Yuiri Haba and Shio Hikawa.

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