Meiga Itogami (絃神 冥駕(いとがみ めいが) Itogami Meiga) was a prisoner of the Prison Barrier who managed to escape with six others, including Aya, when its seal was broken. He was the only prisoner who knew that since Aya had stolen all of Natsuki's memories and time then she had become the key of the Prison Barrier but didn't interfere with her plans because her plans would also benefit him. He knows the plans of the Lion King Organization, that Asagi is the priestess of Cain, and who Mogwai is.


He has dark purple hair that covers the right side of his face. He wears white-framed glasses and a dark-green changshan.



Meiga was the grandson of Senra Itogami and eventually joined the Lion King Organization. Although the organization was wary of his relationship with Senra, the group accepted him as his abilities were noteworthy.

At some point he passed away but was revived as a Yiangshi. The Organization still sought to benefit from him, but being cautious, they sent a fellow member Touka, to observe him while being a Sword Shaman herself.

This proved a mistake as Touka sucumbed to the effects of her Schneewalzer and phased out of existence by becoming an angel. Meiga was devastated by this and bore a tremendous grudge against the Lion King Organization and committed several atrocities by assaulting the group's mages and killing them.

For his crimes he was sentenced into the Prison Barrier.


Banquet of the ObserversEdit

Due to Aya Tokoyogi's actions, he was set free from the prison. Meiga greeted Tokoyogi before making it clear he would neither help her nor get in her way and using the chaos of her schemes, retrieved the Fangzahn for his personal use. He encounters Paper Noise but the two do not fight.

Time of my Life Edit

With the help of the Priestess of Abel, Meiga tries his hand at kidnapping and controlling Asagi Aiba in order to awaken Cain and bring ruin into the world. He meets Koujo and Yukina who tries to rescue Asagi and faces both of them. Demonstrating his Yiangshi powers he is able to corner both of them until Yukina begins to awaken into an Angel much like Touka and was enraged by this. Kojou attempts one final assault on him and the two parties are separated.

Meiga is then seen in Dimitrie Vatler's ship and meeting the vampire in person. Vatler claims he saved Meiga for his personal fun and encourages Meiga to fulfill his goal. A grateful Meiga departs. Meiga then encounters Kojou, Natsuki and Hirasaka and attacks them all, now using the Priestess of Abel's aid, he can use the Cleansing to warp reality. Kujou's party escapes while Meiga goes to the administration center so that he can take full control of Asagi and the Cleansing.

At the administration tower, Meiga assaults the soldiers of Akishige Yaze and reveals his goal of laying waste to the world by awakening Cain. Kojou and Yukina intercept him once more and fight him. Yukina exploits his Fangzahn weakness of being unable to negate multiple types of attacks at once and tries to use the Cleansing to compensate for that weakness. He is then assaulted by Kojou's familiars all at once, which he easily blocks. However, Asagi who is now out of Cain's Coffin uses her hacking abilities to deny Meiga's control over the Cleansing, allowing Yukina and Kojou to disarm him, destroy his weapon and wound him severely enough to leave him for dead. He escapes, but is found by Vatler who devours him in order to acquire his Cleansing powers. Meiga's body is then turned into dust.

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Meiga was an incredibly gifted attack mage of the Lion King Organization, his skill was such that the Organization kept on relying on him despite his dangerous body modifications. Because of his special body he could control the prototype schneewalzer "Fangzahn".

Some of his spells include Spatial Control to teleport himself. It should be noted that Spatial Control Magic is considered extremely hard to achieve, and only the best Witches can use it effectively, just like Natsuki.

Yiangshi: Meiga was killed and resurrected as a Yiangshi, or in other words a man-made vampire. This makes his body different from normal humans and gives him different sets of powers.

Fangzahn: A prototype schneewalzer deemed a failure by the Lion King Organization. The Fangzahn is unique in that it can negate both magical and spiritual energies, but he can only nullify one type at a time, hence why the weapon is deemed a failure. Nonetheless he has been shown to be skilled enough in his use for both defense and offense and can compensate for the weapon's weakness through the Cleansing.

Cleansing: A phenomenon that alters the laws of physics and magic, fundamentally allowing its user to warp reality. With the help of the Priestess of Abel, Meiga is capable of controlling the Cleansing to a degree, granting him near omnipotence as damage done to him is nullified, and his attacks can pierce any defense. He is able to overpower Kojou and his allies with minimal effort, and even defend against Kojou's multi-familiar assault with ease.

Magic Projectiles: Meiga can propel magic in the form of small crystal-like shards and bombard their opponents with them, as if it was a machine gun.

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