Strike The Blood Wiki


Kazuma Yaze[]

Kazuma is Motoki's half-brother. The Yaze family held a strong bias against Kazuma, an illegitimate son. Having been scorned throughout his childhood as a lackluster Hyper Adapter, Motoki related to him on some level, and gets along well Kazuma.

Akishige Yaze[]

Akishige Yaze was Motoki's father, and the head of the Gigafloat Management Corporation.


Asagi Aiba[]

Asagi is Motoki's childhood friend. He is aware that Asagi has a crush on Kojou, and often teases her about it.

Kojou Akatsuki[]

They met and became friends during middle school. Unknown to him, Motoki is the true observer of Akatsuki Kojou.

Koyomi Shizuka[]

Koyomi is one of the three saints of the Lion King Agency, and is also Motoki's girlfriend.