Nalakuvera is unleashed.

Nalakuvera (ナラクヴェーラ Narakuvēra) is an ancient weapon of the gods, said to have destroyed countless of civilizations. It was unearthed from the ruin Mehelgal Number 9. It has the power that rivals a Primogenitor. Kano Alchemical Industries Corporation smuggled it in along with a stone tablet explaining how to use it. The Black Death Emperor Front later seized it for their own purposes.

Information Edit

The Nalakuvera requires special verbal command codes from certain stone tablets to be used. Kano Alchemical provided these tablets. Linguists and magical organizations all around the world tried to decode it, to no success. However, Asagi Aiba decoded the first tablet in 3 hours.

Appearance Edit

It is shrouded in thick armor, with six legs that can easily trample armored vehicles.

Abilities Edit


The Nalakuvera boasts enormous offensive power, evolution through learning, and regenerative ability.

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