Nina Adelard (ニ ー ナ · ア デ ラ ー ド Nīna Aderādo) is a descendant of Hermes Trismegistus and magnum opus perfection, The Great Alchemist of Old - Nina Adelard of Palmia. She was involved in creating Wiseman and the Hard core and was the master of Kou. She ends up owning Asagi for a short time. Her body shrank after Kojou defeated Wiseman.


She has a mature body, with pink eyes and blonde hair. She has a Voluptuous figure




Return of the AlchemistEdit



  • She was able to rearrange the molecular structure of matter and smashing it as when crushed Natsuki's Chains. [Strike the blood II 5]

energy beam: she can release violet energy beam from her hand. [Strike the blood II 5]

Telekinesis: range and Weight unknown. [Strike the blood II 8]

shapeshifting: as has Liquid body, she can shape into any form (as asagi) with pale skin. [Strike the blood 22]


Trivia Edit

Nina's hair is black, but has been turned into blonde in the anime.