Primogenitor or Progenitor?
Official Yen Press translations use "primogenitor" for both the light novels and manga, while anime translations use "progenitor". Although both are synonymous, source materials (i.e. the light novels) take precedence over other forms of media. Hence, primogenitor should be used over progenitor.
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The first three Primogenitors

Primogenitors (真祖 Shinso) are the oldest and first vampires who received the curse of immortality from now-dead gods. They are considered the strongest vampires to exist, with powers that rival the strength of national armies.

There are four known primogenitors:

  1. Lost Warlord / Ki Juranbarada (ruler of Europe)
  2. Fall Gazer / Aswad-Guul Aziz (ruler of West Asia)
  3. Chaos Bride / Giada Kukulcan (former ruler of central America)
  4. Kaleid Blood / Kojou Akatsuki (formerly Avrora Florestina). ( ruler of East Asia and Oceania)

Significance Edit

The three original primogenitors kept a power balance between them, as each primogenitor has the same power as a large military force. When Kojou Akatsuki was "born", an imbalance of power ensued, and the three primogenitors debated over the decision of whether to go to war, have him killed or let him rule.

Vampire Types Edit

There are three types of vampires:

  • D-Type: Vampires under the watch of Lost Warlord are classified as D-Types. They are the classic vampires as described by the public. Their most notable ablity is to turn into mist and are able to use beast-like familiars.
  • G-Type: Vampires under the watch of Fall Gazer are classified as G-Types. Their abilities and traits are currently unknown.
  • T-Types: Vampires under the watch of Chaos Bride are classified as T-Types. They are able to use intelligent familiars utilized as weapons.

The Fourth Primogenitor Edit

The fourth primogenitor is an artificial vampire created by the three primogenitors and Tenbu (demigods of an advanced ancient civilization) as the strongest weapon to help them fight Cain during his return. After its creation, they deemed it too powerful and decided that it cannot be controlled. They later split its powers into 12 beings (12 ribs) known as "Kaleid Blood". The twelve Kaleid Bloods gained human form and are in charge of observing "Root". "Root" resides within Avrora, the 12th Kaleid Blood, and acts as a guardian for "Root". She is sealed within an ancient ruin known as Fairy's Coffin. When rumors spread that the fourth primogenitor had awakened, various factions began to fear that Cain's return might be near and started preparing for what is yet to come.

Abilities Edit

Beast vassal Summoning: As with most vampires, primogenitors are capable of summoning Beast Vassals. All primogenitors have more than one beast vassals.

Immortality: Primogenitors cannot be killed by normal means. Any lethal blow to their body can be healed rapidly, and even the most fatal injuries (such as decapitation) are unable to end them. Kojou Akatsuki demonstrated this ability, having been decapitated and left to his observer's arms, then effortlessly coming back to life unscathed. 

Enhanced Vampiric Abilities: They possess supernatural strength, speed, reflexes, and durability; they are much more powerful than normal vampires. 

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