Reina Akatsuki (暁 零菜 Akatsuki Reina) is Yukina and Kojou's daughter who was sent 20 years back to the past by Moegi, to chase a manmade magical beast.


Reina and Otto-san Kojou

Reina with her father Kojou.

She bears a great resemblance to her mother, but there are a handful of differences as well. Her hair is pure black, as opposed to her mother's dark brown hair. She has blue eyes like her father, while retaining her father's red eyes when she gets excited. She also is taller and has a larger bust than her mother.


Reina smiling while having red vampire eyes

Reina's red eyes whenever she gets excited or urges.

Despite the similar appearance, she is very different from her mother. When she first appears she's shown to be rather ditzy, mainly for walking into a door because she thought it was automated, and making various comments about the younger versions of people she knows. Besides this she is mostly friendly and not overly serious. She like her father have an afinity for nosebleeds and this so happens when they're either sexually aroused, or when excited gazing upon beautiful people.

However Reina case is different. When Reina saw her step-mother Asagi in her youth, she became overwhelmed by her beauty that when she started describing her physical attributes that, all the thoughts that accumulated inside her became too much and it lead her to bleed from the nose.


EX: Yukina Before / After

She comes to the past to track and eliminate a dragon that escaped from a lab from the future.

Broken Holy Spear


Vampiric Abilities: As a vampire, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. Her regeneration was demonstrated when a dragon stabbed through her stomach with its tail and she had recovered within a few minutes.

Magic: She has demonstrated using magic like her mother.

Immortality: She has inherited curse of immortality from her father.

Familiar Summoning:

  • Hasta Aurum / The Golden Spear: It is an intelligent-type weapon capable of producing and manipulating lightning. It's appearance is almost identical to her mother's Schneewalzer, though hers is gold while Yukina's is silver. So far, she has demonstrated the ability to turn the head of the lance into lightning and have it wrap around her target while still being able to cut things.
  • Chant:


「疾く在れ(おいで)、槍の黄金(ハスタ・アウルム !

"Kareidoburaddo" no ketsumyaku o tsugishi mono, Akatsuki Reina ga, nanji no kase o tokihanatsu!(oide)、yari no kogane (hasta・aurum) !


Reina's familiar Hasta Aurum.

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