Rudolf Eustach (ルードルフ・オイスタッハ Rūdorufu Oisutahha) is a combat deacon from Lotharingia. He came to Itogami Island to retrieve the right arm of a dead saint from the West European Church.

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Rudolf is a fairly tall man. He has dark blue eyes with a blonde, short-cropped military-style haircut. He has a metal monocle buried in his left eye socket like an eyepatch. He wears an armored augmentation suit used by heavy infantry in the military, covered with a cloak.

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The Right Arm of the Saint Edit

When Itogami Island was created, it was built on top of ley lines—dragon lines in the Orient—that ran on top of the ocean. To control the dragon lines, a keystone was needed in the center of the island. Senra Itogami, the creator of the man-made island, stole a relic containing the right arm of a dead saint from the West European Church. Rudolf came to Itogami Island to retrieve the relic by force, but was stopped by Kojou and Yukina.

Following the incident, news about Eustach's conduct and the origins of Itogami Island's keystone began to spread worldwide. The Japanese government received controversy and a flood of condemnation from not only the Western European Church but a wide variety of kingdoms and organizations. Simultaneously, there was a widespread demand to pardon Eustach for his crime.

In the aftermath, the current keystone was replaced with one constructed by conventional means, while the original keystone (i.e. the relic) was returned to Lotharingia. Eustach was declared persona non grata and expelled, and Astarte, a homunculus, having merely been obeying her master’s commands, would be treated as under probation.


He appears to be very experienced in combat, having fought numerous demons, including an Elder vampire. He is also able to hold his own against Kojou, a Primogenitor, and Yukina, a Sword Shaman. He also has incredible physical strength, being able to hold a large axe with only one arm.

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