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Rui Miyazumi (宮住 琉威(みやずみ るい) Miyazumi Rui) a character that debuts in Volume 16. He is a partner of Yuno Amase. He later works as a civilian Attack Mage with Yuno.


Rui has short, brown hair and an average build. On College grounds, he usually wears the school's uniform, consisting of a short-sleeved white shirt, black pants and black tie. During College exercises and Carceri exploration, Rui wears a dark form-fitting combat suit.



The Mirage Paladin[]

The Broken Holy Spear[]

Rui and Yuno are at the Sixth Cluster of New Itogami Island, investigating reports of missing workers.


  • Yuno Amase: It is heavily implied that Rui and Yuno are dating. Kojou and Shizuri spotted the two flirting with each other at the Post Exchange. At the OS Base, a hot spring in the Carceri, Rui openly complimented Yuno when she showed off her swimsuit.
  • Kasugaya Shizuri Castiella: Rui tends to refer to Shizuri as Squad Leader.
  • Kojou Akatsuki:


He is a skilled sniper and uses Spell Fragmentation rounds which can release ritual spells that can bind powerful Shinigami and Golems in place.

He is also armed with a pair of heavy pistols and a carbine which he can load with rubber bullets or enhanced bullets for combat against Demons