Saikai Academy

Saikai Academy (彩海学園 Saikai gakuen) is a school in Itogami Island. It is a coed institution with middle and high school integrated. Due to the lack of land on the island, the gym, pool, cafeteria, and many other facilities are shared between the middle and high school sections.

Teachers Edit

Itogami Island has a higher concentration of demons than other places. For safety reasons, the school is obligated to employ a certain percentage of teachers bearing National Counter-Demon Agent licenses; Natsuki was one among these. In the event that the school is attacked, these teachers have permission to combat. They otherwise teach their students like normal.

Known teachers:

Non-humans in school Edit

While it may not be obvious, Saikai Academy had a number of non-human students and teachers; Misaki Sasasaki is a teacher who is also a registered demon. There appears to be no special treatment or discrimination for them, possibly due to the fact that it is a norm in Itogami Island, where demons are fairly common.

Trivia Edit

  • The students appear to have a curfew, and are not allowed to leave at night.
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