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Shio Hikawa (斐川 志緒(ひかわ しお) Hikawa Shio) is a Shamanic War Dancer from the Lion King Organization. She debuted in Volume 12 and is a close friend of Yuiri Haba.


Shio has short, black hair that are longer on the sides. She is usually seen wearing a red school uniform, black mary janes and white socks.



The Fugitive Fourth Primogenitor[]

She was part of the group tasked with capturing Gajou and Nagisa Akatsuki at the Kamioda Temple.

The Knight of the Sinful God[]

Yuiri and Shio are watching over Gajou, imprisoned in a storehouse within the vicinity of the Kamioda Temple. Hisano Akatsuki arrives and asks Yuiri to come with her, while Shio continues to surveil Gajou.

While waiting for news about the operation at Kannawa Lake, Shio shares her thoughts about Yuiri with Gajou. During their conversation, Gajou notices the air feels strange, as the building soon comes under attack by multiple demon beasts. Concluding that the operation went awry, Shio and Gajou quell off the attack and make their way to the lake. As Shio and Gajou traverse the frozen lake, they encounter Nagisa, possessed by Avrora. Gajou briefly talks with her before Nagisa collapses. Gajou entrusts Shio to keep an eye on Nagisa, as a dragon's roar can be heard from a distance.

Shio and Gajou continue traversing the lake with an unconscious Nagisa in tow. The mist surrounding the lake soon clears up, and they meet Hisano standing among a pile of demon beast corpses.

The Roses of Tartarus[]

Shio and Yuiri are onboard a passenger ship, escorting Glenda to Itogami Island. They meet with Sayaka in the ship's bathroom, as Shio proceeds to banter with her. Before reaching their destination, the ship collided with hordes of shipwrecked vessels.


Shio is a Shamanic War Dancer. She wields the bow Freikugel Plus, a mass produced version of Lustrous Scale's bow form.


  • The name Shio means "will, purpose" (志) (shi) and "thread" (緒) (o).
  • Shio's surname Hikawa means "beautiful, patterned" (斐) (hi) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).


  • She is always competing with Sayaka to see who is the better war dancer
  • She holds a lot of respect for Gajou and see him as handsome, and waits to see how Kojou will turn out in 20 years