Shtra D (シュトラ・D Shutora Dē) is a prisoner of the Prison Barrier who managed to escape with six others including Aya when the Prison Barrier's seal was broken.



Shtra D is a bigmouthed and arrogant person who just belittled the Fourth Primogenitor, Kojou's, strength. He easily gets affected by harsh comments about himself and is defensive against them just like how he violently reacted when Sayaka told him that he smells bad. He also seems to be cruel because he didn't even hesitate to attack one of his fellow escapees just so he could demonstrate that they weren't completely free yet from the Prison Barrier because the ones whose magic or stamina were too weak were returned to the prison and that's why the weakest ones can't even get out of the prison at all and that is all because Natsuki was still alive.



Banquet of the ObserversEdit


  • Storm Breaker Axe
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