Administrators (also known as "admins" or "sysops") are trusted users who have additional tools and permissions to help moderate the wiki. Admins are typically also granted bureaucrat privileges, which allows them to manipulate user rights.

See Help:User rights for details on all user rights groups.

Wiki Admins

Below is a list of active and inactive admins and moderators.



Becoming an administrator or moderator

There are no specific requirements to become an admin or moderator. However, we highly recommend candidates to have experience with advanced topics such as wikitext, templates and source editing. Some knowledge of the Strike the Blood series is also recommended, though not required.

To receive additional user rights, someone with bureaucrat rights must make you one. On Strike The Blood Wiki, you can simply ask an active bureaucrat on their message wall. Requests can be accepted or rejected at the bureaucrats' decision.

If there are no active bureaucrats, you may adopt the wiki to receive administrator and/or bureaucrat rights.

Using your privileges

Admins and moderators are expected to use their rights fairly, and not abuse them for personal reasons. Refer to the following pages for general guidelines on how to use your rights properly.

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