This page is a set of policies and guidelines created to maintain quality content and good behavior among editors. These guidelines should be followed while editing the Strike The Blood Wiki, though users are not expected to be familiar with them immediately.

General Edit

  • Assume good faith and respect other users on the wiki.
  • Use English when editing the wiki.
  • If you need help with something, refer to the Help pages or contact an admin.
  • Though not required, we highly recommend that you put an edit summary after making changes to an article.

Language Edit

Please use English when editing the wiki. Users who are not well versed in English can contact an admin or fellow users to notify them of incoming edits so that any spelling or grammatical mistakes can be fixed.

For non-English users, consider editing on the following wikis instead:

In addition, any form of profanity, swearing, racism or harsh language is not allowed on this wiki. Such edits or comments will be removed, and a warning may be given. Repeat offenders will be blocked, temporarily or permanently.

Images Edit

Images must be related to the Strike the Blood series. Only official images are allowed on this wiki. Official sources include light novel illustrations, manga, anime and promotional art. Fan art is not allowed, and will be deleted.

It is also recommended that image files are named appropriately. For example, file names like "Kojou vs Yukina.jpg" are preferred, as opposed to random gibberish like "123abc71g23x6.jpg". Images should also have an appropriate license template. In most cases, {{Fairuse}} is used, although other licenses might be more suitable. Watermarks should also be avoided.

For anime screenshots, it is preferred to use the Blu-rays as it is higher quality than the TV/DVD versions. We recommend a resolution of 1920x1080 for screenshots, and 1280x720 as a minimum. It is also advised to use screenshots with no subtitles/captions.

The series is known for its ecchi moments, including suggestive content and nudity. However, such images should not be uploaded, as they violate Fandom's Terms of Use.

In general:

  • Only upload images related to Strike the Blood.
  • Official images only (No fan art).
  • Name files appropriately.
  • License properly.
  • High quality images (No watermarks).
  • No subtitles.
  • No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images.

Templates Edit

Many articles on this wiki follow a certain structure or layout. This is done through templates. Strike The Blood Wiki has a list of notable templates here. Users are recommended to familiarize themselves with the templates to keep articles uniform and tidy.

When adding templates to articles, it is highly recommended to use source edit mode. The default VisualEditor is inefficient when working with templates, and may cause formatting problems, especially with inexperienced users.

Notes Edit

As the name implies, this page is simply a guideline. Depending on the circumstances, certain rules may be overlooked. This is subject to an admin's approval, and should rarely happen.

For any concerns with the page or its policies, leave a comment on the talk page, or message BrainDeadZero. Suggestions for new policies are also welcome.

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