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Knight of Sinful God III (咎神の騎士篇ⅠⅠⅠ Kyūshin no Kishi-hen ⅠⅠⅠ) is the eighth and final episode of Strike the Blood II, and the thirty-fourth episode overall.

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  1. the battle still between Kojou and Ueyanagi, But Azama Intervenes and he Kill Ueyanagi to absorbing his. Yuiri tries block his but he assaulted on her, Grenda angers and transform to Dragon and escaped with them.
  2. Yuiri, Kojou, Yukina and Grenda relaxed in house on mount.
  3. azama Intervenes and "Spoil their comfort". he Suggests on them submission Grenda and Explains their,  Okiyama Mikagi Comes and shapeshifting helicopter to Dragon of Node with Nine of heads, as Kojou refuses; He trapped his in hole of Node and Grenda enters with.
  4. Kojou sees destroyer world and unknown Knight in hole of Node. He was will disappear but didn't because Sekkarou's Divin vibrations that puted By Koyomi. In the meantime he sees Grenda and Images Both of Kanon, Yuuma, La Folia, Sayaka, Astarte and Yukina are nake/Nudes. Kojou Bites Grenda.
  5. While Yukina and Yuiri still battling azama and Mikagi, Intervenes Asagi, Ibriss and Didier to battle.
  6. In the meantime Kojou Exit with Grenda, azama is stabbed himself for shapeshifting to Golem, While Yukina Go to Block his; Mikagi Intervenes to protect his. Kojou releases Cor Tauri-Sucinum to crash azama Golem, yukina is defeating Mikagi.
  7. Happy ending.

Battle Edit

Yuiri, Grenda, Yukina & Kojou vs Ueyanagi & alchemist machines "Golems". (concluded)

Kojou, Yukina, Yuiri & Didier vs azama & Mikagi with Dragon of Node. (started and concluded)

New Familiar:

  • 2nd Familiar-Cor Tauri-Sucinum

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