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    This page must be a duplication of of the other page, Progenitor. Exactly has the same info. This page must be deleted before further confusion and chaos begins. Astarte cannot do this.

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    • I had thought that as well but there seems to be some confusion of whether the word is progenitor or primogenitor. As of now according to some people they seem to be leaning toward primogenitor as being the official term but I could of sworn it was progenitor in the anime?

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    • Translations for the anime will not always be accurate.

      taken from the novel

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    • so it doesnt really matter what we say, its just a different transation coming from diffrent companies that are texting this?????

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    • On the image in Baka-Tsuki, i don´t think it´s translated, but that was already written in the original version(japanese) of the light novel, so primogenitor it´s the official name

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    • I'd like to point out that these two words are synonyms. A primogenitor is the earliest ancestor of a people, and a progenitor is the most generic term of an ancestor of a set of people, animals, or plants. But the word used most often in the anime is progenitor, at least by translation.

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