Trine Halden (トリーネ・ハルデン Torīne Haruden) the main antagonist of Strike the blood: kingdom of the Valkyria (OVA) and Truth Theory: Kingdom of Valkyria (novel). Is a member of the Free Terrorists. In the novels, she was also a spy who infiltrated the Aldegyr Kingdom and served as La Folia's secretary.

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Kingdom of the Valkyrja I Edit

During Kojou and Himeragi's meeting with La Folia and her parents, Trine is shown to be spying on the small restaurant they are eating at from on top of a nearby roof, interested at the presence of the Fourth Progenitor.

She appeared again at the party wearing a maid outfit. She was later shown to have infiltrated the building, knocking out several guards along the way and controlling bug-like machines to attack the people at the ballroom. The Rihaveins ordered immediate evacuation of the guests and prioritized their safety. Kojou intervened and managed to supress the situation by using his familiars.

When the dust settles, Trine appears in front of the ballroom, acting injured. Kojou approached Trine who quickly rested herself on Kojou's chest and licking it, causing the pheremones to take effect and making Kojou go into a mesmerized state. This state was suppressed when La Folia embraced Kojou with a hug, much to the other girls' discomfort. Trine then leaves the scene unnoticed.

Trine later shows up inside Kojou's room after La Folia was knocked out by the mind-controlled Kojou. She then knocks out Himeragi and captures them both. She later relocated them to an underground building, having La Folia and Himeragi tied up. She proclaims to have much plans for the Fourth Progenitor, who is now under her control.

Kingdom of the Valkyrja II Edit

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Trine, being a beast man of the Civet lineage, can use pheromones through licking a person to control them. It is strong enough to control a Primogenitor such as Kojou.

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  • She was originally an anime only character for the OVA. However, she was later added into Volume 18 of the light novel.