Update: Since there was no response, I went ahead with my idea. Expect some changes to nearly all character pages soon, though I will be using my bot account so most of you won't notice.

Hello there! I'm BrainDeadZero, an admin of this wiki. I wanna hear your thoughts about the Infoboxes we use on this wiki. This blog is a bit long, so I'll provide a summary/tl;dr near the end. That being said, I encourage you to read the whole thing.

An overview

Many articles on the Strike The Blood Wiki use infoboxes to quickly display contents of the article. Different types of articles use different infobox templates. For example, light novel pages use Template:Infobox book while episode pages use Template:Infobox episode. When I became an admin a few months ago, I edited these infoboxes so they are updated and suitable for use. This includes the template I'll mention in the next section.

Character infobox

The most visited pages on this wiki are character pages, as seen on Special:Insights/popularpages. To give a good first impression for new readers, these pages must be properly maintained and updated. I figured I should update the infobox as well, since it looked pretty dated (and ugly, imo). Character pages are currently using Template:Infobox character. It was based on the original Template:Infobox Character (now deleted). It has most of the original parameters, and functions just fine. There's just one issue...

The issue

I'll link the template again here, in case you missed the last link. Just look at it. Do you see anything wrong with it?

My main issues with the template:

  1. It's way too long. I had to make the headers collapsible so it can take less space. The reason it's so long?
  2. Too much information. Look at the Professional Status section of the infobox. Should there be that much info in there? Should that section be there at all?
    • Side issue: The relatives field in the Personal Status section. On certain pages, such as Nagisa Akatsuki, lots of names are given. Is it necessary to list all these? Why not put them in /Relationships instead?

The fix

I have some ideas to fix these "issues". I'll work on a draft infobox to show you what I have in mind, and update this blog once I'm done with it. I made a draft at Template:Infobox character/Draft. The changes from the current infobox:

  • Removal of Eyes and Hair color. I don't see why these are necessary. The picture clearly shows their color. The appearances section of the article also provide info as well.
  • Removal of Previous Affiliation and Previous Occupation. They can fit in the current Affiliation and Occupation fields respectively.
  • Removal of Base of Operations and Previous Base of Operations fields. The majority of the series takes place in Itogami Island. It's pretty obvious where characters operate.
  • General rearrangement to accommodate removal of the above fields.

I could approve the draft whenever I want. However, I wanna what the Strike The Blood Wiki community thinks. Do you agree with my "issues" and "fix"? Are there problems with other infoboxes? Alternative ideas? Let me know below.


TL;DR, the infobox used in character pages is too long and has too much info. I could change it on my own, but I want to hear the opinions/thoughts of the community first. I don't want to change hundreds of articles only to find that the "problems" weren't problems. That being said, I'll take action on my own if nobody responds to this blog. Hopefully, that won't be the case.



  • [2018/09/21] Added infobox draft.
  • [2018/10/01] Draft has been approved. Work will commence soon.
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