Hi there! A few days ago, I announced my plans to adopt this wiki on this blog. Since nobody was responding, I went ahead and made an adoption request at Community Central, and I'm now an administrator of this wiki.

Following the adoption process, any admins that were inactive for a year got their rights removed. So now TheNoraShinki and Riko Ryuichi were revoked of their rights (X.F.r.o.z.e.n.x kept his rights since he was active 9 months ago). If any of you guys plan to return to this wiki, just let me know and I'll give the rights.

So, what are my plans?

Currently, I'm switching the old character infoboxes for the newer ones. I'm also planning to do some changes to the navigation bar. These categories could use some work. I'll probably remove some images (especially duplicates/low quality images), as well as spam comments. I might request an interlanguage link with the German wiki.

Okay, there's a lot more to do than I expected. I'm debating whether I should use my bot account here.

In any case, I hope we'll all get along!

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