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Vampires are a species of non-humans in the Strike the Blood universe. There were numerous demon races that matched vampires in brute strength, agility, and innate special powers. However, the existence of Beast Vassals made vampires even more fearsome, making them the "Lords of Demonkind". Even experienced Attack Mages feared vampires. Most vampires are able to summon a Beast Vassal. Powerful vampires, such as Primogenitors, are capable of summoning multiple Beast Vassals.


Most vampires typically have a human appearance. Upon being aroused or enraged, their eyes turn red and their fangs lengthen.

Vampire Types[]

There are three types of vampires:

  • D-Type: Vampires under the watch of Lost Warlord are classified as D-Types. They are the classic vampires as described by the public. Their most notable ablity is to turn into mist and are able to use beast-like familiars.
  • G-Type: Vampires under the watch of Fall Gazer are classified as G-Types. Their abilities and traits are currently unknown.
  • T-Types: Vampires under the watch of Chaos Bride are classified as T-Types. They are able to use intelligent familiars utilized as weapons.

Vampire Abilities[]

All Vampires in Strike the Blood are beings above ordinary humans with both enhanced and magical abilities.

Enhanced Physiology: Vampires are stronger, faster and more durable than a normal human. Vampires have been shown to perform feats equal to other Demons such as Beastmen or high level Attack Mages capable of using body strengthening magic.

Vampires can improve their physical abilities by honing their spirit, actual physical training is of very little use to them due to their unchanging nature but by improving their mental state they can improve their bodies as it is reflected on their physical form.

Blood Consumption: Vampires are able to consume magic power through blood along with memories and Beast Vassels.

Beast Vassel: Concentrated physical forms of magical energy, the weakest are as strong as a battle tanks whilst the strongest are equal to natural calamities.

Magic Power: All Vampire's have magic power that flows through their blood and body allowing them to cast magic spells and use Shikigami along with activate their Beast Vessel.

Vampire Ranks[]

Vampires come in different levels of power and are therefore ranked depending on their ability and magic power.


Primogenitors are the oldest and first vampires who received the curse of immortality from now-dead gods. They are considered the strongest vampires to exist, with powers that rival the strength of national armies.

Progenitors are also the purest Vampires and therefore their bloodlines are the strongest with the offspring of a Progenitor being a full blooded Vampire.


Elder vampires or Old Guard vampires, are second-generation vampires who were given blood directly from primogenitors granting them a heightened level of ability above those of ordinary Vampires.

Ordinary Vampires[]

Vampires of this grade are capable of summoning Familiars but they will be weaker and their physiology will be at a lower level tan that of an Elder or Progenitor grade Vampire;

Blood Servant[]

Blood Servants are pseudo-vampires created through vampiric contract by first-generation vampires (i.e. Primogenitors). They were said to possess combat capability sometimes surpassing that of pureblood vampires and lived with their masters for eternity.