Wiseman (ワイズマン Waizuman) is an artificial god who was revived by Kou using his remaining living part which was not sealed away in the monastery, the Wiseman's Blood. After reviving, he continued seeking his goal of creating a perfect world.


Wiseman has the appearance of a golden giant humanoid. He has red eyes and a shiny gold body with red crystals all over. Before being revived, he was the head of Kou's black staff, and just as he was about to be revived, he was a shiny golden skull.


Wiseman is a big mouthed, arrogant and egoistic person. He is indifferent towards other people's feelings and selfishly forces his ideals of a perfect world onto them. He is also a humbug who deceived Kou.


Wiseman was an alchemist who attempted to fulfill the ultimate goal of alchemy of transcending into godhood and become immortal; the perfect human. After succeeding, he sought the destruction of those who were not perfect, but was later sealed away in a monastery.


Return of the AlchemistEdit


Name Description Image
Charge Particle Beam Wiseman can release beams from his mouth that make a target petrify.


  • (To Kojou, Yukina, Nina and Kanon) "KuhKuKuKuKuKuKuKuKuKuKu! Imperfect beings, you are too late."
  • (To Kojou and Yukina) "KuKuKuKuKuKuKu! Foolish! You imperfect beings dare resist me?"
  • (To Kojou) "Be silent! Obey my perfect command and be silent!"
  • (To Kojou) "KuhKuKuKuKuKuKu! Imperfect beings, why do you defy me? Why do you refuse to become a part of our perfect world?"
  • (To Kojou) "Impossible! I am perfect! Inferiority to an imperfect being is a contradiction that cannot be!"
  • "It can't be! I'm disappearing... my perfect body is-"
  • "I understand now... This power... is for fighting against..."


  • Wiseman is also the referred existence of an attempt to create god.
  • Wiseman is what the 2nd generation vampires are also known as.
  • Wiseman represents what the alchemists' seek; gold, philosopher's stone and immortality.
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