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Lion King Agency[]


Yuiri has a living family, a rarity among the girls at High God Forest. Her parents were office workers at the Lion King Agency, and she has a younger brother.

Shio Hikawa[]

Shio is a friend of Yuiri and were classmates during their time at High God Forest. They are often partnered together during their missions.

Yukina Himeragi[]

Yukina is Yuiri's junior, who she often refers to as Yukii.

Sayaka Kirasaka[]

They were classmates during their time at High God Forest.


Kojou Akatsuki[]

Yuiri first discovered the existence of Kojou through rumors spread at High God Forest. She was also nominated as a candidate for becoming Kojou's observer. As an avid reader of romance manga, Yuiri fantasized about developing a romantic relationship with him. However, she was not selected because she could not skillfully employ a Schneewalzer, as well as consideration for her family.

She has feelings for him, and is jealous whenever Koujo and Yukina are very close.


Glenda is particularly fond of Yuiri.